What we do


Every child has the right to education.

BFA works to increase the number of students who have access to education in rural and semi-rural areas, provide scholastic materials, provide and promote equal educational opportunities, and improve beneficiaries' academic performance.

Health and Welfare

Every child has the right to health care.

BFA works to improve its beneficiaries' health and hygiene conditions, reduce or eliminate the number of girls who drop out of school due to early pregnancies and menstruation struggles, and eliminate poor taboos associated with girls' menstruation.

Female Empowerment and Equality

Every girl child has the same right as their male counterpart to equal opportunities.

Most girl children in rural Tanzania are discouraged from attending school simply because they are female. BFA empowers a girl child through this program by enrolling her in school and continuing her education, ensuring equal educational opportunities for both genders, improving decision-making powers, and educating girls about their rights, worth, and position in society.

Talent Development and Capacity Building

Developing Children’s Talents.

Through this program, BFA works to develop children's talents, train future servant leaders, and boost self-esteem and confidence. BFA provides a platform for children to share their talents while also being encouraged and motivated to pursue their dreams.

Together We Can

We advocate for better education, health, wellness, character development, and gender equality for these children so that they can have hope for a better future.
Together we can make a difference in the lives of children in Tanzania, Join us today. You're welcome to volunteer, donate or become a BFA member.

BFA- Builders Of Future Africa

Join us in helping less privileged African children living in a vulnerable environment.