Who We Are

As poverty rages in Africa, Builders of Future Africa (BFA) is actively reaching communities with support to Education, Health, livelihood, and Empowerment programs to ensure a prosperous Africa through supporting marginalized groups of children, adolescents, and youths on the ground.

Builders of Future Africa (BFA) was founded by passionate youths and registered by Tanzania under the Non-Governmental Organization Act, 2002, under Registration No.00NGO/0009237 to operate on the Tanzania mainland. The International Youth Federation (IYF) has also accredited it with accreditation number AO/001213 for regional and global recognition. BFA was founded in 2011 as a CBO and registered in 2017 as a not-for-profit NGO. Our headquarters is at Plot #2773, Lenjani village, 2 km uphill from Habari Maalum, Arusha, Tanzania, with chapters in Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, Morogoro, and Kigoma.

The organization aims to build a prosperous Africa by restoring hope to children and youths who have lost it and helping them meet their own essential needs.
The organization was established by passionate youth in 2012 in Arusha (who were A-level students at Cornerstone Leadership Academy by then) after observing high levels of poverty and the low living standards of children and youths in the local communities which has consequently led to problems such as lack of academic materials, poor parental care, lack of food, shelter, and clothing as well as horrifying life testimonies, all these problems combined called for a collective effort to come up with solutions thus the birth of Builders of Future Africa (BFA).

For over 10 years, the organization's sole mission has been to build strong African communities free from illiteracy, poverty, and diseases while rekindling the hope of African children and youths by helping them become better people who will contribute to building a promising Africa through its programs and community charity

Our Vission

We envision a Prosperous Africa where the people are "living" rather than "surviving"

Our Mission

We are building a better community by extending the action of charity and compassion, encouraging moral values, and ensuring better lives.

Our Core Values

Servant leadership | Integrity | Accountability | Unconditional love
Embrace the values that add favor to humanity.


Number one
Fight poverty by educating the young generation and encouraging them to work hard and to follow their dreams.
Number two
To help the needy African children know their rights and that their basic needs are met.
Number three
To assist the needy children in African communities have access to quality health services and sanitation.

Number four We aim at instilling good and socially acceptable character qualities in children for the general transformation of African communities.
Number five
To spread the message of Love, Hope, and Faith to the community through children them being the foundation for change.
Number six
Avoiding conflicts teaches the value of peace, reconciliation above all sorts of stereotypes and encourages them to embrace unity in diversity.