Children and youths, especially girls, may be pulled out of school by families who have lost their source of income during a crisis in order to help with household expenses, help out with chores, or take care of younger siblings.
In order to meet their fundamental requirements, children who have lost both parents may resort to destructive livelihood practices.

To address this challenge, BFA is intentionally strengthening household income through different sustainable approaches, including
Approach: savings and loan groups through rotating savings and credit associations, village savings and loan associations (VSLAs), savings and internal lending communities (SILCs), and self-help groups (SHGs).
Income-generating activities (IGAs), Skills training, jobs creation, and through linkage with the government in Planning, advocacy, and coordination of SP policies and approaches

Gap: are looking for a potential partner to kick off a project to support youth, teen mothers, and school dropouts.

Funded by: BFA is looking for potential partners and donors to further this project. Donate here.

Successful stories: BFA is carrying out the AGPP project under the CRVPF to support adolescent mothers and teen mothers.


BFA supports members by connecting them with potential scholarships, mentorship programs, career fairs and expos, volunteering opportunities, internships, and the chance to practice their careers at our offices.

BFA helps members of organizations, who are primarily high school students, university and college students, and mid-career professionals, further their careers.
We offer leadership training sessions and refer our members to these co-visionary platforms in the hope that we will help them build the kind of character that will support their desire to be on this planet, which is primarily to serve communities in a giving way.

Approach:Leadership , community services

Success stories: We have managed to link up 72 members with scholarships for the last 3 years, we have been conducting 12 career expos every year, and we have secured partners including Hi Initiative (HLI), MasterCard Foundation, USIU Leadership Initiative (HLD), MasterCard Foundation, USIU, and Ashesi University.

Gap: Looking for potential partners to further our impacts partnership here.


BFA is focused on making sure that people with disabilities, young people, women, and MVCs are included in all significant sectors and that their perspectives are heard and positively reacted to.

We are devoting our advocacy efforts to issues affecting children and youth both domestically and internationally, including jobs, health, gender, climate change, and good governance.

Approach: research development, social media campaigns, Press release, networks, and coalition

Gap: Looking for research units, media houses, and potential networks/coalition to address social challenges partnership here.