BFA, Every child has the right to education.
BFA works to increase the number of students with access to education in rural and semi-rural areas, provide academic materials, provide and promote equal educational opportunities, and improve beneficiaries' academic performance.
Below are some of the projects under this program:


This project aims at supporting children from underprivileged families to access education with full or partial scholarships to achieve their life aspirations.

Beneficiaries: Children aged 0-19 years, Girls, boys, and PWD

Funded by: BFA members who contribute monthly to support this program, Members pay part of their personal funds to support others. Our members are High school students, university and college students, and Youths who are in their early-mid careers.

Contribution :3,000Tzs per month

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Success stories: 400+ beneficiaries.


ECD is viewed by BFA as being essential for a child's healthy development. The foundation for later success in life is laid throughout the early childhood years. It is a period when a child’s brain develops quickly, providing opportunities for learning and growth. When a child is raised in a supportive and intellectually engaging environment that supports all of his or her needs—including the psychological, social, spiritual, and physical ones—they can have a good start in life. The youngster also has a better chance of realizing his or her full potential in later life as a result of this. The absence of one or more key requirements makes it crucial to treat children's needs comprehensively.

Approach: Each and every child has a right to early childhood development. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 6 (Article 6, UNICEF), highlights that the child has “a right to live... and develop healthily” and that every child has “the right to a standard of living that is good enough to meet their physical and mental needs” (Article 27, UNICEF).

Our goals consist of reaffirming the significance of expanding investment in the institutional and policy environment for ECD workers and providing high-quality early childhood education and care for all young children. In order to promote fair and high-quality ECD services, it is important to share best practices, difficulties, and experiences with one another. The typical course of a child's growth, including its physical-motor, social-emotional, moral-spiritual, and cognitive-linguistic abilities.

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Gap: BFA has been supporting ECD projects every Saturday and through the community library. Yet, we are missing enough resources and personnel to expand our projects.


Builders of Future Africa is running a community library that serves approximately 75 children every day for 14 hours and 7 days. This educational platform provides a learning environment to students around the community, and we have been recording their significant performances.

The library service is delivering high-quality, innovative, and creative storytelling sessions to inspire learning and literacy among the community and, at the same time, enhance good listening, speech, language skills, and enjoyment. Moreover, the major target is to increase secondary education performance.

The project aims to alleviate the illiteracy burden in the Lemanyata community, reduce the number of children dropping out of school, and establish a community library that will serve as a center for lifelong learning and community support.

Funded: ALI Covered 2%

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