Read a message from Elisante Ephrahim, Our CEO.

Dear friends,

I am delighted to have the opportunity to connect with you and share the incredible journey we have embarked on as a team at BFA. For the past over 8 years, I have had the privilege of serving as the CEO of this remarkable organization, working alongside a group of passionate and dedicated young individuals who share a common mission: to bring light into the lives of African children, despite the challenges they face.

Just like many of you, I understand the struggles and hardships that come with limited resources. I have experienced the heartbreak of being turned away from classrooms due to unpaid fees, the frustration of lacking basic educational materials, and the embarrassment of wearing uniforms that no longer fit. These experiences have fueled my determination to make a difference and inspire change.

As young people, we are committed to addressing the pressing challenges faced by our communities, particularly children and youths . We firmly believe that they are the hope of our future, and it is our duty to provide them with the moral and material support they need to achieve their dreams and live fulfilling lives. By doing so, we also aim to create role models within our communities, empowering others to follow in their footsteps.

With our unwavering spirit of volunteerism, resilience, and collective drive, I am confident that we will continue to make remarkable strides forward. Together, we can uplift our continent, Africa, and help it rise again.

I extend my heartfelt invitation to all young people, children, elders, and every member of our society to join us in this noble cause. Together, let's contribute to the development of our communities and give back in any way we can. Your involvement and support are invaluable as we strive to make a lasting impact and shape a brighter future for our beloved Africa.

Warm regards,
Elisante Ephrahim


Elisante Ephrahim

As a young visionary leader, Award winner of the Tanzania Top100 Executives 2021 as a Not-For-Profit CEO of the Year. Elisante Ephraim has served as the Executive Director of Builders Of Future Africa for Over 9 years now. Elisante served as CEO & Director General at Africamoja Youth Society, which he assumed in early January 2019. Elisante is ahead of finance at the PLO Lumumba Foundation- Tanzania and he is a representative of NACONGO Arusha DC.

Elisante pursued his Bachelor's degree in Economics and statistics from the University of Dar Es Salaam and joined a Master's degree in Investment and Finance at the IAA . Elisante has credible certificates in Project management, Management of Non-For Profit organizations, and business consulting.

He mentors and provides financial consultation to Millennials who are passionate about Economic leadership and Entrepreneurship. Elisante has won several awards, including Not For Profit CEO of the Year 2021 by Tanzania Top100 Executives 2021, the most influential male in the year 2019 University Awards, best leader -university awards, most influential male -COSA Awards 2018, the philanthropist award 2019, and many academics awards and recognitions.

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Brenda Mgallah
Deputy Director

Brenda Mgallah is a young visionary leader with a likable character among many others, for over 5 years she has been serving as a deputy director of the Builders of Future Africa also affiliated with other social enterprises including the Tanzania National Debate society (TANDS), currently, she is working with PwC as a business development associate who majored in clients and market development.

As a pathfinder, she is passionate about serving others, giving back to the community, social enterprises, marketing, public relations, and moreover civic engagements. She has been inspiring hundreds of other young female leaders in her community with character qualities.

Brenda graduated from the Tanzania Institute of Accountancy and was awarded a bachelor's degree in marketing and public relation(s). As a servant, she did her leadership development training for two years at the cornerstone leadership academy in areas of leadership principles and character governance.

Frank Sakalani
General Secretary

Frank Sakalani has been working with Builders of Future Africa (BFA) as a member and a leader since 2013 up to date, He has worked as a communication officer before being appointed as Head Of Programs and General secretary at BFA on merits based and competence.

Frank Sakalani is a graduate of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering from Dar es salaam Institute of Technology (DIT) and a registered engineer by the Engineers Registration Board of Tanzania (ERB).
He has an affiliation with Cornerstone Old Student Association, and Africa Youth Leadership Forum (AYLF) and is a former Youth Cluster Coordinator in Raleigh Tanzania.

As part of his success, he has collected different awards, including the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority ICT Scholarship award (2015-2019), the National Senior Mathematics Contest Award of the Mathematical Association of Tanzania (2015), a certificate in leadership and character development from Cornerstone Leadership Academy (2015), Certificate as a trainer in community integrity building by INTEGRITY ACTION (UK) (2018), Best leader of Builders of Future Africa (2018).

He is passionate about interactions and consultations on both career guidance and community work,
you can reach him through personal mail or official mail



Julius Ejalam

Board Member | Educator & Project Manager
Associated with Cornerstone leadership Academy -Tanzania as a Principal

Elisante Ephrahim

Board Member | Economist and consultant
Associated with Tukutane limited.

Rogathe Loakaki

Board Member | Project manager, Gender and policy advocate
Associated with TGNP, GPI, and MAFGE

Gift Ayo

Board Member | Advocate
Associated Companies: Faith Attorneys


Prosper Rusinga

Board Member | Educator
Associated with Mwandet High school.


Saidi Twagirayezu

Board Member | Leadership Development practitioner
Associated with Cornerstone Development Africa -Rwanda.