Gender support/-GBV

We intend to support girl children with decision-making skills, inclusions, and life skills as we support their transition to womanhood.

We have customized our curriculum to match their skill sets with the pace of the 21st Century. We inform the minds of girls in businesses, social enterprises, decision-making platforms, policies, and responsible authorities that have the upper hand in their life.
We are addressing the root causes of Gender-based violence, Violence against children, and Adolescents.

Approach: Primary interventions, referrals, policy advocacies, and negotiation.

Funded: Currently looking for a potential donor.


BFA recognizes the importance of supporting children and youths' capacities in the area of life skills and skills-oriented programs include:

a. Climate change mitigations
b. Vocational training
c. Apprenticeships, internships, on-the-job training
d. Career counseling
e. Talent development
f. Mentorship
g. Entrepreneurship/small-business training
h. Household financial management training

Approach: Skilling up

Funded: Currently looking for a potential donor. Donate here